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Web Safety
21st Century Problem Solving
How to solve word problems logically and consistently
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Use this service of the Government Printing Office to help children learn about our government and how it works.
Family TLC
A total of 5,000 activities (from crafts to science, from cooking to reading) divided by age (from baby to teens) -- all with lists of related books.
MaMaMedia Grown-Ups
Activities for parents and their kids - including e-hugs, for sending animated messages to your kids.
NC Standard Course of Study
This web page serves as a curriculum terminal from which you can travel to specific goals and objectives based on discipline and grade level. This service provides a convenient way for teachers, administrators, and parents to verify the instructional objectives of the Standard Course of Study at a given grade and subject area. Covers grades K-12.
Parent Zone of NC WiseOwl
Links to a variety of information for parents from the NC Dept. of Public Instruction.
Parent Zone of NC WiseOwl
Links to a variety of information for parents from the NC Dept. of Public Instruction.
Parents Guide to the Internet
The US Department of Education's guide to Internet resources for parents. Includes information on supporting the use of technology in the schools.
Printable Crafts for Kids
A wide variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring pages, projects for holidays, and educational themes.
Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your own word lists or print ready-made mazes.
How to have fun on the Internet while avoiding the risks.
Scholastic Parents
Tips and activities for you and your child - on and off the Internet.
SuperKids Educational Software Review
Software reviews for kids and parents.
Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide
A gateway to research-based information about child development.
Winnipeg Public Library Parents Page
Resources for parents, including links to Internet safety sites, childrens literature, and Web sites for the entire family.
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