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50 States.com 4 Stars
Link to a huge number of facts about each U.S. state -- flags, state symbols, recordings of state songs, and much more, even lists of famous graveyards!
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Altapedia Online 1 Stars
This site contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
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America's Story from America's Library 4 Stars
America's history and culture come alive in this collection of multimedia features from the Library of Congress. Explore our heritage of music, dance, sports, games, and much more.
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Annenberg/CPB Exhibits 4 Stars
Interactive exhibits, like The Middle Ages, inspired by Annenberg/CPB video series. Educational multimedia resources in more than 35 subject areas.
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Bens Guide to U.S. Government for Kids 4 Stars
Learn about our country -- explore famous documents; find out how the government works and how laws are made.
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Countries of the World 3 Stars
Great country information all in one place! Countries are listed alphabetically, and each entry has maps, flags, statistics, and indepth background information.
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Distinguished Women of Past and Present 4 Stars
This encyclopedia-style site links to biographies of women who have contributed to world knowledge and culture from ancient to modern times.
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Geographia 3 Stars
Has information on all aspects of life in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and Latin American countries
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Library of Congress 4 Stars
Library of Congress content tailored for kids.
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Maps.com (Online Map Games) 4 Stars
How well do you know your way around the world? Test your map knowledge with an assortment of online geography games from Alienz!!! for young geographers to the fiendishly difficult Super Quiz.
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Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport 4 Stars
A former radio personality's colorful, fun, and sometime irreverent look at the people and cultures who share the world with us.
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North Carolina Historic Sites 3 Stars
North Carolina Historic Sites, a program of 22 state historic sites, invites you to see our state as it was—to open doors of the past. Whether you are a resident of North Carolina, or just planning a visit, we have sites of interest to people of all ages.
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Social Issues Links at Multnomah County Library, Oregon 3 Stars
This web page is for middle and high school students researching current social issues from multiple perspectives.
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The Endurance 3 Stars
An interactive display features the epic survival story of Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance during a year and a half marooned in the Antarctic ice.
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The History Channel 3 Stars
Search any topic in history. Participate in issues forums.
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The History Net: Where History Lives on the Web 2 Stars
This rich site has eyewitness accounts, interviews, articles on topics in world history, a daily quiz, and a Today in History feature.
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