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About.com Homework and Study Tips 3 Stars
Advice on topics like test-taking strategies and study techniques as well as links to information on a variety of topics.
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BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper 3 Stars
If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it. Homework help sites are selected by B.J. (now 14 years old) and his dad.
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DiscoverySchool.com 4 Stars
Brain boosters, puzzles, a computer clip art gallery, and lots of homework help.
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Homework Center 4 Stars
Links to information on a wide variety of topics, courtesy of the Multnomah (Oregon) Public Library
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Homework Help 3 Stars
The Free Lessons cover topics in Middle School English and Math as well as High School English, Math, Science, and Social Studies but Premium Lessons are only available to subscribers.
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Homework Spot 3 Stars
Mega site of homework help information, science fair ideas, plus tips on being an ace student, all in a user-friendly, uncluttered package.
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How Stuff Works 3 Stars
All kinds of stuff -- from e-mail and CD burners to banner ads to guide dogs to ESP
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Infoplease.com 4 Stars
All the Knowledge You Need. Links to almanac, atlas, encyclopedia, and dictionary information, as well as other quick facts.
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Internet Public Library, Youth Division 4 Stars
Material is developed for children ages 4-11, on topics including art, history, math, science, computers
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Math League Help Topics 3 Stars
Stuck on a topic in 4th to 8th grade math homework? Check these helpful hints and explanations.
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Middle Search Plus 3 Stars
Current events and information on a wide range of general topics. Also includes the Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of Animals, Essential Documents in American History, and coverage of the CIA World Factbook.
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National Geographic Homework Helper 3 Stars
Have to research hurricanes or volcanoes? Need animal info? Check out these feature articles that incorporate pictures, videos, and audio clips.
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NC Secretary of States Kids Page 3 Stars
NC fun facts, information on cities, legends, state symbols, and how an idea becomes a law are just a few of the things you can find on this site especially for North Carolina kids.
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NC WiseOwl 3 Stars
A variety of resources available to NC students.
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Searchasaurus (from NCLIVE) 3 Stars
A great place to start doing research -- search or browse through a dictionary, encyclopedias, the World Almanac and magazines as well a collection of pictures.
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Study Web Links for Learning 3 Stars
Everything you need to get your homework done tonight--links to subject areas, study aids like calculators and dictionaries, tips for writing essays.
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