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Annenberg/CPB Exhibits 4 Stars
Interactive exhibits, like Amusement Park Physics, inspired by Annenberg/CPB video series. Educational multimedia resources in more than 35 subject areas.
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Earthquakes! 4 Stars
Learn the fascinating facts about earthquakes while you view photos and join in online activities.
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Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception 3 Stars
The online museum has 10,000 pages of science information
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Extreme Science 4 Stars
Science news and activities with an emphasis on world records and other extremes.
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FEMA for Kids 3 Stars
Learn about floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, wild fires, and winter storms. Get homework help on these topics. And play games!
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Human Anatomy 4 Stars
Information on parts of the body as well as coloring pages and label me sheets that can be printed out.
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Jefferson Lab Games & Puzzles 3 Stars
Have fun practicing chemistry, math, and general science knowledge with an assortment of puzzles and games.
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MadSci Network 1 Stars
Do you have a science project due? Just like to find out weird science facts? Real scientists at the MadSci Network will answer your questions. You can also search the archives of previous questions and find out about other science resources on the web.
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Marshall Brains HowStuffWorks 3 Stars
Search for hundreds of articles,diagrams, and animations which explain how everyday objects work, from e-mail and CD burners to banner ads to guide dogs to ESP.
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National Wildlife Federation 3 Stars
Find out about environmental issues and wildlife protection.
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Space.com 3 Stars
All sorts of astronomical news and some great photos!
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The Nine Planets 4 Stars
Detailed information on planets, moons, and other bodies in our solar system, including many space probe pictures.
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The Periodic Table of Comic Books 2 Stars
The elements of the periodic table are illustrated with real pages from classic comic books, from Superman to X-men to Wonder Woman to Star Trek. And you can link from here to mundane scientific information, if you insist.
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The Why Files: Science Behind the News 4 Stars
Articles are written in response to headline news stories, offering a real-life approach to science
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USGS Volcano Hazards Program 4 Stars
Updates on volcanic activity around the world from the U.S. Geological Survey
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What's That Stuff? 3 Stars
Learn about the science behind everyday substances and processes likefireworks, shampoo, and that elusive new car smell.
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Yuckiest Site on the Internet 4 Stars
Science and fun all in one! Learn all the gross and engrossing information about humans, bugs, and worms, or or try out some yucky recipes like Severed Handwiches.
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